The Generals

(Godly men for Greatness)


The Generals


"Building Godly Men for Greatness"

Constant fellowship amongst members.

To foster the spirit of love, unity and welfare among the brethren and encourage full participation and support for church functions and activities

To serve as counsellors for brethren in the same age bracket and those intending to get married.

To come up with advice and support that will enhance Church growth and equally participate in the implementation of same

To continuously identify exceptional leadership talents amongst members while grooming members for greatness

To promote Christian faith and grow an excellence spirit amongst members and the church at large

To serve as Prayer team for Men in the Church

To serve as a hub for business incubation and career development amongst members

Training and preparing members for the challenges of life and ministry work

To interact with one another for the social and moral upliftment of the members of the fellowship