Special Interest Groups

Interest group is a group of individuals that share a common interest in a specific subject and work jointly to influence public policy in its favor.



    We are a group of IT professionals with passion to deploy our skills and talent to the service of God and humanity by extension 

    If you have a career in the following fields; IT, Telecoms, Software Developers, Electrical/Electronics etc. 
    You are invited to join the IT/Telecom SIG.

    Professionals in TOD from the Information Communication Technology industry brought together by common faith towards fulfilling career and eternal 


    This is an outreach tool intended for reaching professionals that are un-churched or de-churched.


    We Meet once a month

    This is different from your church small group that meets for Bible study during the week. This is an outreach tool

    Michael Ogunfowora-oomicinc@gmail.com





    We have outlined our vision to offer free legal opinions to members in the church in the areas of entrepreneurship, civil rights, tenancy relationship, wills, contractual transparency and documentation to reduce conflicts minimally in our quarterly legal clinic held after the 10.00am Service every Second Sunday of the chosen month. 

    Our vision also includes regular seminars on advancement of continue legal education and exchange of legal development in advancing our careers. We have a WhatsApp forum currently available. We also integrate mentoring as Christian lawyers and mutual friendship in the church. 

    The mission and goal is to become a well grounded Christian lawyers in character and practice and fulfill God mission in our lives as good legal professionals in the body of Christ. 



    The Vision

    To bond members of Oil and Gas Industry together, promote trust of doing business with one another, organize empowerment training, pair-mentorship program with experience members, networking among members and job creation among members”.



    • Empowerment and Capacity building of Members.

    • To support TOD (Church) on areas of need.

    • To promote trust of doing business among members.

    • To encourage Networking and bonding among members.

    • Job and wealth creation for members through Cooperative and Mentoring programs.

    Engr. Matthew Ajakaiye-omotayo.ajakaiye@gmail.com






    To make RCCG TOD big enough to accommodate Security Agents and yet small enough to reach them.


    To foster professional relationship in the RCCG TOD by providing opportunity for Security professionals within the Military, Paramilitary and other allied Security organization  to commune, share resources, develop themselves and deploy their expertise for the overall safety of the Church.

    Necus-Agba Ushie-unecus@gmail.com



    Mission Statement (3 John 2)

    To promote the physical, mental, social and spiritual well being of every member of TOD to fulfill his or
    her destiny in God


    To promote fellowship within the group
    To support the church in health related CSR activities such as medical outreaches during evangelism
    programs within and outside the church, health related services within communities etc.
    To provide professional support to members in areas of advancement in career

    Target Audience

    The Membership of Medical Special Interest Group is open to all health and health related workers such
    Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Laboratory Scientists and other para-medics personnel in the church

    Dr. Mrs. Peju Adenusi-pejunusi@yahoo.com


    Who are we?
    We are a group of professional educators passionate about raising Godly and globally minded children through impacting knowledge and exceptional values whilst socializing and networking with other vibrant educators.

    Our mission is to ensure that every teacher in TOD excels in their chosen fields, and have access to a platform where they can effectively communicate their thoughts and concerns through fellowship, trainings and seminars that will make us masters in any fast-paced environment we find ourselves.


    To organize monthly and quarterly in-house trainings and seminars in the province. These trainings and conferences will be handled by any member of the group or some voluntary educational consultants.

    Our Target
    We intend to have teachers of various subjects/levels of education; educational consultants and facilitators; school owners and all who are passionate about impacting great values and raising global students.

    Dcns. Juliet Ugwu-nekymountain@yahoo.com

  • Mission:
    To accomplish this:

    •  We will have a closely knit team that fellowships together regularly which centers on the word of God.

    •  We will conduct career related trainings to hone our skills.

    •  We will provide networking and mentoring fora for our members.

    •  We will raise Godly men and women in the workplace.


    • career and leadership development for our members

    • winning souls for Christ

    • Personal growth by providing mentorship

    • Continuous education by providing trainings

    • Friendship and Networking

    • Service to our church and community

    Target Membership:

    • At least 70% of church members who work in the Banking, Insurance or finance Sectors

    • Retirees from these sectors

    Some of our activities include

    •  frequent communication with team members on our social media platforms

    •  regular get-aways to unwind and de-stress from the peculiar demands of our 24/7 profession

    •  Career workshops and seminars

    •  Periodic prayer sessions

    •  welfare outings to orphanages, etc

    •  Family Christmas parties.

    Mrs. Yemisi Edun-toedun@yahoo.com

  • The group's membership goal is to have minimum of 250 active members who participates effectively in one or more of the Agricultural or agro allied value chain. To remain a member, one must be actively involved in anyone or more of: 


    1. Agricultural cultivation. 2. Commodity aggregation & storage. 3. Processing and or production. 4. Packaging and distribution. 5. Wholesale and transportation.

    6. Marketing and or retailing. 7. Investment.


    The group's primary vision is: "To help members the Church establish purpose driven agro-allied projects that's sustainable"


    Mission & Goal

    Its mission is

    - To fellowship and worship God together.

    - To assist members get engage in various agricultural value chain.

    - To intimate members of valuable agric land, funding, investment and internship opportunities related to the sector.

    - Bring people and establishments that can teach as well empower members via training, workshops, excursions and grants.

    - Encourage members to have a bankable business plan and be committed towards the success of the group.

    Printing, Ad & Publishing

  • Keep your clients up to date with what's happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.  

    Mercy T. Apresai-apresaimercy@gmail.com

  • Target membership are Cooks,  Chefs, Bakers waiter, MC, Event planners, Decorators, ushers photographers and those in the Hotel industries etc.

    The mission of the Event&Catering Special Interest group is to interact with members with(same) like minds in doing business in God's way and also to show in love the purpose of Jesus Christ mission on earth. Also providing exceptional learning and cutting edge technology know how.

    The vision of the group as proposed by our father in the Lord is for members to see the light and also to believe that there are good men and women doing business in God's way and Christlike manner. Therefore the vision is to look into the future and see a circle of Christian thriving together in the business but in different ways thereby spreading the Evangelism of Jesus Christ. Also producing high quality Christians Professionals.

    Our goals as a group is to interact or network with our members in smaller cell and also in God's way of doing business, therefore we engage in training members of the group and members of church and empowering them to make life beautiful.

    Mrs. Yinka Samba Ishiegbu-wokosamba@gmail.com

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